Well the story starts here with these two people.

Brooke and Dominic and the creators of the Real Rocky confectionary.

Let me clear up a few myths for everyone.

Real Rocky Road is NOT a slice, a cake, brownies with stuff on top or even ice-cream.

It is, solid chocolate with the goodies enveloped within the chocolate.

It is confectionery folks!

Origin for Rocky road  – Wikipedia

The origin of the dessert is debated, but the earliest mention of it dates back to 1853 in Australia, where rocky road was supposedly created as a way to sell confectionery that had spoiled during the long trip from Europe, which were mixed with locally-grown nuts and cheap chocolate to disguise the flavour.[3] According to this origin story, the name comes from the rocky road that travelers had to take to reach the gold fields.

Now, many things have evolved since 1853, including the way Rocky road is made.

Real rocky is now made with the finest chocolate, fresh jelly sweets, marshmallows, digestive biscuits and various flavours and fruits to enhance the experience.

Now here is the twist in the Real Rocky story

Brooke, is the Australian, has a love of cooking and has made Rocky Road for many years ( especially for gifts at Christmas)


Dominic is the Scotsman who also has a love of cooking and of experimenting with flavours and colours.

So between them they create the several different flavours of Rocky Road, while singing, dancing and generally being big kids in the kitchen.

Both of these young people are under 30 and have a mission and a goal to succeed in life, doing something they both love.

All support is greatly appreciated to help these young people follow a dream.